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Distinctive Light Entertainment means: Being distinguish from others by having the courage to break through any barriers, having control of your destiny and create your own opportunities. Following the light within you, dreams with no limits, take action and others would want to follow you.

 Atlanta, GA / Orlando, FL

Telephone:  404-482-7515 / 407-779-0086

Email:  DLEfilms15@gmail.com

DLE was founded in 2015 by Yadi Nieves when noticing how her partner Felix Betancourt and herself had such passion for movies, story telling and creation. They had a phenomenal connection and abilities to come up with limitless ideas to pursue the independent filmmaking career.  Felix and Yadi decide to create their own opportunity by writing, producing, directing, editing, casting  their actors to start building their films. DLE is usually focused in the action genre for another passion Felix and Yadi share for Combat Sports and Stunts. DLE is ready to bring fascinating films to impact our viewers and have hunger for more.